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Login procedure: The client shall establish a TCP/IP socket connection to the server. When the connection has been established the client will send a complete logon message. The logon message has the following format:

1 1 - 31 1 1 - 63 1
01 User Id 00 Password 00

The user id and password will be sent in plain text. If the logon was unsuccessful the connection will be closed by the server. The reason for an unsuccessful logon may be one of the following:

  • Logon took to long (logon timeout expired)
  • Incorrect format of the logon message
  • Unknown user id or incorrect password
  • User account has been removed or is not active
  • The user id or host has been locked out.

If the logon was successful the client will start to receive data in accordance with the clients profile.

Source code example:- As per your request, here's a code snippet showing how to compose a style username/password:

// pszUser is a char pointer to a string containing the username //
// pszPass is a char pointer to a string containing the password //
// hSocket is the SOCKET to send to
// compose connect string - [0x01][user][0x00][pass][0x00]

char szLogin[256];
memset(szLogin, 0, 256 * sizeof(char));
sprintf(szLogin, "%c%s%c%s", 1, pszUser, 0, pszPass);
size_t bytesToSend = strlen(pszUser) + strlen(pszPass) + 3;
int nErr = send(hSocket, szLogin, bytesToSend, 0);

TCP/IP port 7889

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